NEUTRAL SHIRT - DAISYWORLD... The album we've all been waiting for

Daisyworld is the 3rd release by San Diego based alternative indie rock band Neutral Shirt. After 2 incredible EP's "2016" (2017) & New Sunglasses (2018), Daisyworld is truly the best Neutral Shirt release that's ever been released. With a strong opener like "Breathe In" that starts soft & ends in a glorious loud indie rock overdriven jam with the most beautiful guitar harmonies to be had in 2020, it really sets the tone for the rest of the album. "Am I Awake?" is the 2nd track on Daisyworld, it opens with just drums, a bold but incredible choice on Neutral Shirt's part. After a few measures of drums, the track goes into nice bouncy guitar as Matty sings about going on a rollercoaster in New Jersey and contemplating if they are really awake or not. The tracks dives into a loud rock part at the end for any rocker in the world to head bang to. Truly an incredible track. "Permanent Blue" is the next track & one of my personal favorite's on the record. The riff, the "ooooooooooooooo" during the loud part, the guitar harmonies at the end of the song, truly a beautiful amazing track. "What am I Gonna Do?" is a sad sounding track about asking, what are you gonna do? it's amazing. "Tender Hearts" is the next track, a quiet country track that is one of the most beautiful songs on the album. With beautiful lyrics about friendship & music, it makes me want to hold everything & everyone I love so closely. "Salton Sea" follows it with a nice bouncy guitar riff, and trumpets, it has a very Nana Grizol feel to it. One of the most fun dancey songs on the album. "I'm Trying" is a great song about trying to just be yourself, a beautiful song that starts soft & acoustic & ends in a glory of loud indie rockness. Another favorite on the album. "I Truly Believe In You" is the last song on the album & a quick one at that. Clocking in at 46 seconds, it's a quick positivity blast, it's the espresso shot of the album.

Overall, I think Daisyworld should be listened to by everyone & anyone.


- Aaron Ponzo


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