here are maps of all the places ive been to on a tour. each stop doesn't mean we played a show there, just means we stopped there either to sleep or the city had signifigance on the tour :)

The Expos/Closet Goth Winter 2017 (Jan 3rd-Jan 6th)

Expos Weekender April 2017

The Expos Summer Tour 2017 (July 4th, July 10th-August 4th)

The Expos/The Delphies Weekender 2017 (Nov 3rd-Nov 7th)

The Expos/Panoramic Winter 2018 (January)

Diners/PWTV 2018 (March)

Closet Goth Summer 2018 (May-July)

Yipee! Winter 2019 (January)

Yipee!/Neutral Shirt Spring Tour 2019

Closet Goth Summer 2019