Yipee! or FKA The Expos is my main project I do, Power Pop/Pop is i guess what I would call it. It's a project where i can do anything I want, so who knows where it is gonna go!

Live Members have included: Seth Ponzo (Drums, Guitar), Col Bauer (Drums, Guitar, Bass), Micah Wiggins (Bass, Guitar), Calvin Wolfe (Guitar), Alexis Molina (Bass, Keys), Alex Vernoche (Guitar), Cameron Capanash (Bass), Harrison Hagler (Drums), Tyler Broderick (Bass), Elijah Stoll (Drums), Alec Adams (Bass), Casey Jones (Guitar)

Other Stuff i've been on!
I play in the Closet Goth live band and Played bass on the EP and keys on Friendship Village

 I sang a lil back up and played some casio on this record. I have played Keys, Bass, & Minimal Drums live
played bass in this band with the Micah who's in Yipee/Expos sometimes.